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RISEP - Florida Labor Market Prospective 2017


This report shows that strong job creation during the past six years has returned Florida's labor market to the long-run normal rate of unemployment and led a rise in wages and incomes. However, we recommend that the incoming president, Donald J. Trump, increase the federal minimum wage in order to address current low shares of employed-prime-aged workers and high rates of poverty.

The State of Working Florida 2016


The 13th edition of State of Working Florida finds that between 2009 and 2014 the economic polarization of classes in Florida is largely a reflection of an occupational structure offering fewer middle income jobs that facilitate upward mobility. Many working Floridians continue to be perpetually stuck in low-wage occupations and the persistence of traditional forms of economic marginalization, based on race and sex, further complicates the ability of some Floridians to achieve economic mobility.

Florida's Workers by the Number


"According to the most recently available government data, 65 percent of Florida workers earn annual salaries below the state average annual salary of $39,099. The position of a worker along the distribution of earnings in Florida is largely dependent on their occupation and is heavily influenced by their sex, race and ethnicity. This brief will present Florida’s occupational structure by annual earnings and the demographics associated with low, middle, and high earning jobs."

Center for Labor Research and Studies

RISEP is housed at FIU's Labor Center. Our ongoing partnership with CLRS has provided RISEP the opportunity to develop a successful and fruitful student internship program where many of our interns come out of the Labor and Conflict Resolution classes CLRS offers. For more information on the different academic programs and opportunities for both the undergraduate and graduate level visit here

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